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Our Services

Forensic Interviews


The purpose of the forensic Interviewing component is to provide an opportunity for alleged victims to disclose about maltreatment in a neutral, fact-finding interaction with a specially trained interviewer while utilizing a multi-disciplinary team approach. Forensic interviewers are trained to gather information in a developmentally-appropriate, legally- sound, non-leading, and non-suggestible manner. Our goal is to minimize trauma and the number of times a victim must tell their story.




The services of a victim advocate are essential in achieving the overall goals of reduction in trauma and secondary victimization for children. We provide personal advocacy for your child and family to help begin the healing process


Advocacy services consist of:


  • Welcoming and orienting the child and family to the Harcum House

  • Providing crisis intervention during the initial visit

  • Coordination with the family and investigative partners

  • Providing access to evidence-based services such as counseling to address the impacts of trauma

  • Enhancing the cooperation of the family in the court process

  • Facilitating linkages with other types of basic needs including housing, food, job services, clothing, and others


Medical Examinations


The mission of the medical component is to provide medical services for the purpose of cultivating healing and offering reassurance in order to instill hope in children during times of need. An on-site medical room is available for alleged victims that meet certain criteria for sexual assault nurse examinations (SANE).


If an exam is deemed necessary, a registered nurse that is additionally trained to conduct these exams will meet with the child and their family. An examination is conducted with the use of a magnification device called a Cortexflo designed to be non-invasive and painless. Any necessary evidence collection and treatment specific to sexual abuse allegations can occur at our center without having to refer the child and their family to a local hospital or physician clinic.




The purpose of the education component is to further our mission by providing child abuse prevention, awareness, and education to the community. We offer several trainings through our center that are evidence-based and designed for caregivers, organizations, businesses, civic groups, religious institutions, schools, and many others. Please CLICK HERE to view our Trainings/Education page for more information. 

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