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At Harcum House, we value the ability to connect, empower; and build trust with every client, patient, partner, stakeholder, coworker, and ourselves by:


We compassionately meet people where they are considering their age, stage, state, socioeconomic background, and culture by:

Demonstrating active, patient, supportive, and kind communication; and
Providing acceptance, encouragement, dignity and hope; and
Engaging in authentic, optimistic, and genuine interactions.


We demonstrate respect in our actions by:

Practicing inclusive and non-judgmental behavior and feedback; and

Acknowledging shared and differing values and beliefs; and

Supporting and recognizing each person's unique autonomy and courage; and

Providing a physically and emotionally safe environment.



We are accountable in our interactions by:

Striving for competent, consistent, and transparent interactions;

Providing flexible service options based on individual needs; and

Maintaining the highest level of confidentiality as outlined in the law; and

Adhering to policy and procedure to protect client outcomes.

“To reduce trauma and enhance healing by providing advocacy, education and outreach”

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Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs) are child-focused facilities that help abused children heal by coordinating the investigation and treatment of child sexual abuse. CACs provide children and families access to long-term advocacy and healthcare. To better understand what a CAC is, you must understand what children face without one.


Without a CAC, a child may end up having to tell the worst experience of his or her life over and over again, to doctors, police, lawyers, therapists,

investigators, judges, and others. They may not get the help they need to heal once the investigation is over. However in a CAC setting, children share

their trauma ONLY ONE TIME to trained professionals.


When police or child protective services believe a child is being abused, the child is brought by a caregiver or other “safe” adult to the CAC: a safe, child-focused environment. At the CAC, children tells their story to a trained interviewer who knows the right questions to ask. Then, based on the interview, a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) that includes medical professionals, law enforcement, mental health providers, prosecution, child protective services, victim advocates, and other professionals make decisions together about how to help the child. CACs offer a wide range of services like therapy, medical exams, courtroom preparation, victim advocacy, case management, and more. This multi-disciplinary team (MDT) response is the backbone of the CAC.




Harcum House is operational and continues to serve our community.

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